Erosion and Sedimentation control is one of the most demanding requirements of construction. Lake Murray Environmental Services, LLC (LMES) understands the fast paced environment, required timelines and regulations that our customers face. We strive to respond quickly and efficiently, usually within 48 hours, to resolve site problems. We are flexible, self-sufficient, experienced, and knowledgeable; allowing our customers to focus on the other important aspects of their project. As erosion and sediment control experts, we offer solutions and clear implementation strategies for your project.

Structural BMPs

Structural BMPs are used to control sedimentation (the process by which eroded material is transported and deposited) and erosion (the process by which the land surface is worn away by the action of water, wind, ice, and gravity). We offer a wide range of service that encompass erosion and sedimentation control.

Vegetative BMPs

Vegetative BMPs are used to control erosion - the process by which the land surface is worn away by the action of water, wind, ice, and gravity. Our services include several vegetative solutions to help prevent erosion at the source by providing temporary and permanent ground cover.

Debris Removal

Unmanaged construction debris or mismanaged waste can be unsightly and harmful to the environment.  From debris collection to washout areas, we offer services to keep your sites in compliance, encourage a safe work environment, and help enhance curb appeal during the construction process.



Lake Murray Environmental Services, LLC (LMES) is committed to your complete satisfaction by providing each customer with the best stormwater management services available today. Established on superior service, on time performance, integrity, and value; LMES can consult and get your site in compliance with erosion control, sediment containment, clean-up, hydroseeding, pond remediation, and more. For more information, or to have us review your site and site needs, please contact us.



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