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  • David Snider

March Madness

March is one of my favorite months. As we find ourselves trying to break out of winter, the days get longer and the hardwoods start to come back to life. There are also the more important things like basketball and turkey season.

Every year at the office we hold a 'bracket challenge' where all our people are invited to fill out a NCAA bracket and compete for the title of 'Champion Picker.' I always enjoy seeing the creative ways some of people go about picking a champion (only 85% of brackets picked Duke this year...) and for the first time in years, my bracket is still viable after the first weekend. To compound the craziness of tournament tip-off, turkey season also opened last week. We love to fish and we love to hunt- but turkey season brings out a whole different beast in some of our people. I could be wrong, but I think Luke turned down a pretty sweet North Dakota pheasant trip early in the month simply to save some days off to scout and hunt turkeys right up the road from home. If we could only figure out a way to get four TVs in a turkey blind in the middle of the woods...

As a company we love sports, but we really love the outdoors; it is one of the reasons we do what we do. We like to work outside, we like to play outside, and we like to protect and preserve the environment for our enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. Don't let the last few weeks of sun keep you from making sure your BMPs are in place and properly maintained. Call us if you need help lessening the impact your site has on the areas we love.

The worst part about March- it's almost over.

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