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The new LMES blog

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Welcome to our new blog. Collectively, we will endeavor to post every other week or so. Some weeks we may highlight fun products or projects, some weeks it may be a reminder to plan ahead for rain events, some days we may be completely off topic. Our hope is to provide some helpful information and a little bit of fun.

Last week Matt and I had the opportunity to go to Denver for the 2019 IECA conference. It was cold but the people and food more than made up for it. We were able to catch up with some old friends, make a few new ones, and (most importantly) get a better understanding on some cool new products we think can help us get better results for our customers when they face challenging conditions. We are working to set up some demos and test areas (our vendors rock!) and will share the progress as we go along.

Thanks for checking us out; I'll leave you with a perfect picture from a friend on the lake for this rainy day.


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