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We all need a little help...

I think we all forget sometimes that we can't do life without help. This week, that fact hit me in the face several times.

On Tuesday as we processed the most recent payroll cycle, I saw several 'bonus' notations across the company. It is not uncommon for employees to receive a bonus from time to time because of exemplary work in the field or for meeting certain budget goals, but this week there were a lot more than usual and all the same amount. After a little digging I realized these were part of the first wave of recruitment referral bonuses. Several months ago we instituted a policy to help find good people; it included a time clause for service in good standing that would result in the current employee and the new employee they referred to LMES both receiving a bonus. Despite all our efforts through the years to find good people- our management can't do it without the help of the entire organization. It took us realizing we needed help from within to build our strongest and most capable staff to date.

Wednesday, we encountered some tougher than usual site conditions while seeding a slope and preparing for slope mat. It stung the pride a little to ask for help when we realized we didn't own anything that could pull even a half full T120 through this deep sand to get to the slope. We are fortunate and thankful to count among us friends who will pull you with a D6 around a difficult site. I'm still not entirely sure how we would have been able to seed the slope and get it protected before today's storm if we had not realized we couldn't do it on our own and humbly asked for help.

Last night as I sat in church reflecting on what Easter and the week leading to mean, it hit me again. I couldn't do this on my own; I needed a little help. To me, Easter is about hope and a reminder that we all need a little help. It is remembering that someone came to help us because we could never do it on our own. It is remembering that He is still here to help us on a daily basis. I remember the struggles before I first asked Him for help; further, I know that I would never have been able to get where I am today without trusting and relying on Him to lead, guide, and direct my life and choices. If you don't know Him, ask me or any of the guys listed on our contact page- we would love to share. Trust me, it's better than seeding with a T120 being pulled by a D6 (which was pretty cool).

Happy Easter, He lives. #thinkgreen.

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